The Classic Horror Films We Know And Love: A Celebration Of Classic Horror Month

by Paul Batters

October brings a favourite time for film fans – it is Classic Horror Month. That means cinephiles and film fans watch a range of horror films (the good and the terrible), scary television and of course read those chilling tales – all which send shivers down spines and allow the imagination to run wild.

I ran something similar two years ago and thought I would try again. It’s not a strict blogathon and so asking for a short answer to the question below. It’s also a chance to honour the many great bloggers and writers out there by asking the following:

In 150 – 200 words, what was the first classic horror film that you can remember seeing?

It could be that first horror film that left a lasting impression, rather than the very first one you remember seeing. The good news is that there are no limitations to write about as there are so many to choose from. Keeping a short word limit should hopefully make it an easier task as well.

The aim is to have everyone’s entries for the mid weekend of October. That also gives a full two weeks to write. It also means a fun lead-up to Halloween where we can all be inspired by fellow writers and bloggers.

Please include the following in your entry:

  • your name and the name of your blog/website/social media page or Twitter handle
  • the name of your film and your 150-200 words

You can send your entry to me in the following ways:

  • send direct to me via the blog
  • email to
  • send to my Twitter account: Paul Batters@PaulBee71

If you’re looking for ideas or wondering what an entry should look like, please click on the following link to see entries from the last time I ran this in 2020: The Classic Horror Films We Love – A Collection Of Favourites

Hope you will take part and share your memories of those chillers, thrillers and blood-spillers that still leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. Please don’t forget to share this – it’s an invitation for everyone.

Thank you and enjoy Classic Horror Month!

Paul Batters teaches secondary school History in the Illawarra region and also lectures at the University Of Wollongong. In a previous life, he was involved in community radio and independent publications. Looking to a career in writing, Paul also has a passion for film history.


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