Announcing The 2021 Classic Literature On Film Blogathon!

To kick off 2021, I am very pleased and excited to announce my second hosting of the Classic Literature On Film Blogathon! And of course you are all kindly and heartily invited to partake!

Classic novels and plays have provided cinema with some of the greatest stories of all time. They are part of the fabric of culture and have been powerful in helping us to understand ourselves. Since the early days of cinema, film-makers have mined the richness of classic tales for the silver screen. Some of our most beloved films have been based on the works of Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and Mark Twain, to name a few. Indeed, many classic novels have been produced many times. 

So, the main focus of the blogathon is to celebrate, examine, critique and review those films that have been based on classic literature! 

As already mentioned, the concept of ‘classic literature’ reflects what has been traditionally considered by scholars as those books and plays which have had a considerable impact on the development of literature. They have set the standards for and established certain genres and have given us some of the most recognised stories and characters.  So this blogathon aims to keep the focus within those boundaries – but of course that leaves everyone plenty of options!

Please have a look at the rules below and I TRULY hope you will take part!

Outline Of Rules

1. This blogathon is not just restricted to reviewing actual films based on classic literature. Participants are encouraged to write on any angle regarding the topic area e.g comparisons of films based on a particular text, discussion of the textual integrity of films based on classic literature.

2. Duplicates of films will be allowed for review but of course it’s a case of first in, so act fast. Whilst you are welcome to write more than one entry, there will be a limit of three posts per blog.

3. This blogathon does focus on the classic era of Hollywood film – from the silent era to the 1960s. But please don’t let that hold you back, as all entries from all periods will be happily accepted. 

4. All contributions must be new material only. Previously published posts will not be accepted.

5. The blogathon will take place between April 2nd and 4th, 2021. Please submit your entries on either of these days or earlier if you wish. For those of you posting early, just remember that your entry won’t be linked until the event starts.  

6. To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, you can so in the following ways:

 – please leave a comment on my blog along with the name and URL of your blog, and the subject you wish to cover

 – or you can always register by email at: For those of you who wish to register by email, please be sure to include the name and URL of your blog, and the topic you wish to cover. 

– contact me through Twitter:

Once you get confirmation, please spread the word about this blogathon by advertising the event on your blog and other social media. Please feel free to use one of these ads to advertise the event.

Looking forward to seeing you in April!


50 thoughts on “Announcing The 2021 Classic Literature On Film Blogathon!

  1. Hi Paul. Hope you and yours are all well. Happy New Year. Happy to see this back again.

    I’d love to write about 84 Charing Cross Road please. Based on a memoir by Helene Hanff which became a Broadway play, a television play, and then this film. Hope that will be okay.

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  2. Hello Paul,

    I don’t think you’ve gotten my previous messages here and on Twitter. If available, I’d like to join with The Invisible Man. Let me know if that works.

    Thank you,

    Once Upon a Screen

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    1. Hi Aurora, my sincerest apologies. I thought I had and responded but it must not have gotten through. Love your choice and look forward to reading it. I’ll be updating the roster the next couple of days and publish it as well. Hope you’re well and staying safe!


  3. Reblogged this on VT Dorchester and commented:
    I will be joining in on this blogathon! I have a review ready, of a film adaption of Zane Grey’s The Light of Western Stars. I may be able to review the source book as well, if I have time to read it by the first week of April! See you then!

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  4. I was wondering if Cinderella would be considered classic literature? If so, I would like to do First Love from 1939, it’s a modern day version of Cinderella.

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    1. I tried posting the following comment to your page but not sure if it posted correctly so I’ll add it here as well 🙂

      Wow! What an outstanding essay! The depth and detail in your work makes for fascinating reading and it’s always been one of my favourite Universal horror films. I had NO idea that Carl Laemmle Jnr wanted to turn Gloria Stuart into a female Tarzan; the absurdity of the idea!

      I agree that the film is thoroughly entertaining because it is well-paced, beautifully crafted by Whale with pretty impressive special effects for the day (which still work well) and of course a strong cast. Rains, of course, is incredible and shows what a consummate actor he was – able to convey the experience and emotional range of the character with just his voice.

      Thank you so much for taking part! Your contribution was such a fantastic one and I truly appreciate it.


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