The CMBA Profiles Silver Screen Classics!


It was with the greatest thrill that the CMBA contacted me to inform me that they would be featuring my blog for their first CMBA profile for 2020. Needless to say, I was extremely excited, honoured and humbled by this incredible news!

As bloggers will tell you, being recognised is a great boost to the confidence and being acknowledged is an affirmation of one’s work.

My deepest and sincerest thanks go to the CMBA for the opportunity to be profiled!

For those interested, the link below will take you to the interview on the CMBA Page:

CMBA Profile: Silver Screen Classics



7 thoughts on “The CMBA Profiles Silver Screen Classics!

  1. Great. I love to read these profiles. I’ve been working my way through them.

    It’s really interesting to read about how people came to be classic film lovers. It was so much harder to track down all these interesting movies back then, in fact many of them I’ve only been able to watch in the last two decades.

    I think the reason why people like Noir is – as Eddie Muller stated – that it doesn’t deal in toothless nostalgia. The films still have bite.

    I beg to differ about the most deadly femme fatale. May I suggest that is, erm, Margot Shelby? Not even a second of sloppy remorse. Ha.

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    1. Margot, I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never heard that quote from Eddie Muller but will certain remember and use it in the future. Noir DOES have bite – and how!

      And if Margot Shelby is a far more dangerous femme fatale than Phyllis than wow – the allure of the danger would be hard to resist!


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