A Special Thank You To The Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB)

by Paul Batters


All writers crave notice and recognition. It’s important to know that one’s voice is being heard and not ignored. As all writers know, writing can be a very lonely experience and the support for one’s articles is not always supported by even those closest to us. 

However, there is an incredible world-wide community of classic film bloggers who I have come to know, respect and honour for their own work, Being part of that community and recognised by it, is worth the late nights and lonely hours of writing. 

Recently, I received notification that I had been accepted into LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs). Needless to say that I was thrilled and honoured, knowing that a number of writers whom I respect are also part of this association. It not only means formal recognition and certainly means far more than an additional ‘widget’ on the blog page. It means that your work is appreciated and the links to others in the film blogging community becomes stronger and more defined.

To LAMB, my thanks to you for allowing me to join! This great opportunity is more than appreciated and I am looking forward to learning more and connecting with other classic film aficionados. 

To fellow LAMB film bloggers, it is an honour to be in your company. 

Paul Batters teaches secondary school History in the Illawarra region and also lectures at the University Of Wollongong. In a previous life, he was involved in community radio and independent publications. Looking to a career in writing, Paul also has a passion for film history.


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